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January 12, 2016 11:14 pm

In this article, we figured we would answer some frequently asked questions or maybe even some of them are only frequently thought thoughts that people wonder about with regards to automotive and architectural window tinting and security films. So without further ado, let’s begin with what we find are the most common:

window tinting, myrtle beach window tinting specialists, window films1. How Do I Clean My Tinted Windows?

The answer to this one is simple. If you had quality window tinting such as Llumar or 3m professionally installed, then for the most part, you can clean you windows as you normally would. The film is not as hard as glass, though it is scratch-resistant. Just try to avoid extra harsh solvents or abrasives. Windex and most window cleaning agents are fine. A good practice is to use only soft clothes on the tinted windows, no more using the it-was-wet-but-left-it-to-sun-dry-now-it’s-brittle-as-hell rag clean your windows -use a clean, soft cloth and there should be zero issues.

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2. Will My Vision Be Altered (like light refraction)?

No. Professionally installed window films will be virtually undetectable, your vision won’t be distorted, the window will just be darker (however many shades you chose) than the original clear glass.

3. I see bubbly, Off-Color Window Tinting on Some Cars, is this Just Because the Tint is Now Old? Will My Car Look Like This?

This is the result of using inferior window films and or self-installation. Cheap window films may not have the inherent UV protection they claim thus, the film breaks down and discolors over time. Properly installing window film takes special tools and a lot of experience. If an underqualified person is doing the installation, you are likely to be left with air bubbles and less than perfect cuts to the formation. It is important to have your car or home windows tinted by a certified professional using high-quality products. If you use a good product and have a pro installation your windows will look great for years and years!

4. How Effective is the UV Protection?

Here is what the manufacturer ratings are: In both automotive and architectural applications, LLumar solar films can reduce harmful ultraviolet rays by 96 to 99.9 percent, depending upon the specific film. Many films will additionally reduce glare by over 90% and reduce solar heat gain by 77%.

5. How Does Security Film Work?

Security Film or Safety Film is a composite of layers of high tensile strength polyesther with energy-absorbing mounting-adhesive. When an object strikes the window, the film works to reduce the chance of glass breakage and in the event of breakage keep all of the pieces bonded tightly together. The amount of damage that a treated window can take will depend upon the thickness and rating of the security film applied.

6. Can Security Glass Stop A Bullet?

There have been many instances where security window tinting has successfully deflected or absorbed or slowed bullets. But there are too many variables for any company to warrent their window films as bullet-proof or bullet-resistant. The thickness of the film involved and the caliber and angle of the incoming bullet are all interchangeable variables that could effect the outcome. However, thick exterior window films are very effective at stopping forced entry and other projectiles such as tree limbs, rocks, and other objects that either mother nature or people could throw at your windows.

If you had a question that wasn’t listed here today, please fell free to comment with your question below and we will be sure to answer you right away!


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