Why Window Film is a Necessity for Your Home

August 10, 2015 10:22 pm

When you live in a place where the temperatures get into the extremes, very hot or very cold, then it is time to consider installing energy conserving window films. They not only serve the purpose of providing protection by adding a double layer to match your heating and cooling requirements but are available in various sizes, colors and designs. Window films have also become quite intriguing for design options. When used wisely, you can create a whole new feel the interior of your home. Contrary to popular belief, sun protective window films do not impede your view and allow beneficial sunrays to come inside the house while keeping the harmful rays out.

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Is it Really Necessary?

Glass can keep out some of the harmful UV rays, however, there are two kinds of UV rays, A and B, the intensity and damage is more severe in UV-A rays than B. So even if UV-A is not as intense as UV-B, it can still be harmful simply because there is more of it to go around. You cannot go through the house in a wide-brimmed hat all of the time and not all of us will remember to wear a sunscreen lotion inside the house. Also sunlight is good for all as it provides us with Vitamin D and children need a lot of it. So we need an option that does allow sunlight without the possibility of skin damage. Therefore, the best option is to put on a single or a double layered sun protective tint.

The Benefits of Installing Window Films


  • They reduce the amount of heat that comes into a home and interchangeably, keeps the cold out. This helps improve the energy efficiency of a building and helps cut down almost half of your energy costs. It also increases the comfort factor as you are now able to keep an even temperature regardless of the cost.
  • Patterned films can add beauty to your house and give you privacy at the same time. You can just add the patterned film to the lower half of your window while keeping the top half transparent with clear films or vice versa. However, you can still see through the patterned films as there are clear sections along with frosted ones that help create the pattern.
  • It also increases the safety of your home as it makes the fragile glass stronger, especially if you use security window films.
  • The solar window film will prevent the sun rays from bleaching fabric and other things inside the house which is a common problem in most homes.


Choosing the Right Kind of Film for Your Residence

With technology at our disposal, it has become easier than ever to get whatever we want the way we want it. While shopping for sun protective tools look out for the latest ones that offer a high amount of heat rejection such as the nano-ceramic films. When you have a wonderful view but are worried about privacy issues, then try out night vision films that still offer you privacy at daytime and a clear scene during the evening. When you prefer to work from home, you can add an additional layer that will not only keep the heat out but will also reduce the glare that you normally get through glass. Keeping in mind that about 85-90% of skin cancer is caused just by exposure to UV rays, sun protective window tints will help you live a healthy sun-filled life.


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