Top 3 places We Should Protect From The Sun

August 5, 2015 6:27 am

With summer beckoning us to soak up the warm sunny rays, we need to think of ways of having a fun-filled season in a healthy way. While the sun gives us some much-needed vitamin D, we shouldn’t have too much of a good thing. Too much sun exposure can cause various skin aliments such as rashes, sunburns, and skin cancer. Being wise and enabling a few safety sun protective features wherever possible can help us live healthy happy sun-filled days. Here are three places where you definitely need sun protection.

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At Home

Many people think that they do not have to worry about UV rays when they are indoors but unfortunately, they are mistaken. When we let the sun in, we also let in all the harmful UV rays that can affect our skin in adverse ways. So even while we sit in the living room sipping our coffee, we still have to ensure that we have done all to keep our skin safe indoors as well. Windows add beauty to the house and so rather than keeping out all the beauty on a bright sunny day with curtains, protect your windows with sun protective films. Parents must consider this option when children are in the house as the skin is at its sensitive peak during the growing-up years.

In the Car

Having a roof over your head while on the move does not protect you from all the rays of the sun. You will have a lot of harmful rays attacking you from all sides of the car. That is why it is highly essential that you protect yourself while driving on a hot day. Cars have a special type of films known as custom window tints which are designed to keep out 99% of UV rays while traveling. These are the UV rays that have been known to cause sun damage when the skin is constantly exposed to sun rays.

At your Place of Work

While you may not be able to choose a place away from the harmful rays of the sun, you can still ask your boss to put up protective window tinting. You can also position your desk in such a way that you get minimal sun while working but still get to enjoy a view of the outside world.

Benefits of Solar Protective Window Films

• They do not change the way the room looks as you can get them in all shades from clear to dark. Clear films will let you have an unobstructed view of the outside while protecting you from all its harmful aspects.

• Reflects the UV rays off of the glass making the interior safer..

• Improves the energy efficiency of your house and office.

• It reduces glare so that you are work easily on your computer while at the office and watch TV while at home.

• It also adds a great measure of safety as it strengthens windows, making break-ins more difficult.

• There is more security during harsh weather conditions as the windows will not give way easily.

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