Rims vs. Window Tinting

October 21, 2015 2:15 am

One thing that most of us auto-fanatics can agree on is that we like our aftermarket upgrades.There are many things you can do to make your ride more impressive without completely wrecking your bank account, but the absolute top of the aftermarket food chain has to be a toss up between window tinting and some shiny, new rims (or flat-black).

Who Knew That Looking This Good Was So Affordable?

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Window Tinting by Guardian Security Films

As far as your pocketbook is concerned, getting your windows tinted definitely takes the cake, as you can have your car looking sleek and looking like a million bucks with just the leftovers of a single paycheck.
Your new set of rims can really compliment your car and finish off a specific look and feel that you are going after, but it is a heavier investment, without a doubt. The most basic alloy rims are going to be a hundred dollars a piece, which is two to four times the cost of getting high-quality window tinting (depending on doing a 2-door or 4-door). For some nice rims, you are looking at $200 and up per wheel.

Rims Aren’t Anti-theft Preventatives

One of the other advantages of choosing to do window tinting first is that many of the window films used in the tinting process are actually classified as security window films and have incredible tensile strength, making it extremely difficult for criminals to enter your car. Do rims protect your belongings from thieves and your family from carjackers? No. In fact, they are probably a bit more like painting a target on your back – if you’ve got money for rims, you probably have nice stuff in your car to steal.

So there you have it … if you are on the fence as to which upgrade you should do first, you shouldn’t be any longer. Window Tinting wins in the aftermarket upgrades battle vs. New Rims!

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