Reduce Your Businesses Operational Cost With Commercial Window Tinting

January 17, 2016 10:22 pm

Many of those who’ve never run a business only consider the money that comes in, they don’t think about the money that is FLOWING out. There’s payroll, petty expenses, maintenance, and various other costs of running a business that we can’t really cut costs on without hurting our business.

Commercial Window Tinting and the Bottom-Line

Another unavoidable expense is utilities and depending on the size of your business, they can really mount up. For the average retailer, standard prices in the U.S.A. begin at about $100 per service, with utilities totaling out at just under $700 per month!

You may not have been previously aware, but the most expensive utility, electricity, (generally) can actually have a bit of dominion exerted over it. You can noticeably reduce your bottom-line with a couple affordable changes, and reallocate your funds towards important things that will help to drive sales, like marketing.

Reducing your power consumption through energy efficient efforts such as energy start appliances, and black-screening the computers and monitors can be effective, but coupling that with the real knock out, tinting your windows with solar window films will REALLY drop your operational costs significantly.

Here is How Window Films Can Save You Money

Longer Interior Furnishing Life – with up to 99% of the sun’s harmful, bleaching UV-A and UV-B rays being nullified, your business will save thousands of commercial window tinting, myrtle beach window tinting specialists, window filmsdollars over the years on replacing furnishings and interior items. There are no more harmful rays gouging into your leather, desktops, carpeting, curtains, plants etc. Plus, it is much better health-wise for employees near windows and their comfort levels.

Temperature Control – installing solar window films on the windows of your business, not only are you reducing your company’s carbon footprint, but you will be saving your business money each month. In the summer the commercial window tinting will decrease solar heat gain significantly, reducing your air conditioner use up to 40%. In the winter, that same window film will dramatically reduce cold convection saving you cash on your heating bill.

Climate Control – especially in larger building, keeping a comfortable temperature consistently can be a real challenge. Due to the facts given above, this becomes much easier and can actually help with productivity (you’re not constantly getting up to fuss with the thermostats).

Security  – window film in general makes glass harder to break, but you can go a step further and install a solar / security film that will make it much, much harder for a burglar to gain forced entry. This window armor could potentially save you huge amounts on insurance deductibles and the replacement of anything not covered such as personal items.

Commercial Window Tinting is an affordable way to reduce your overall bottom-line and create a more comfortable work environment. As a business owner, if you can find viable ways to save money without backlash (yields positive results) it needs to be done. If not, inaction falls into the category of wasted money or unneeded expenditures. 

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