How to Prevent Auto Theft

August 25, 2015 3:45 pm


Automobile thefts are on the rise and owners have to be one step ahead of the offenders to protect their vehicles. Here are a few unique things that we learned from McGruff the Crime Dog that you can do to prevent and deter automobile thieves and take a bite out of crime!

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Security Film and  Window Tinting

While this may sound a bit off, it actually is a very good security system as it reduces the visibility for the thieves; and makes the glass harder to break. When presented with a car with a clear view of the interior and a car which has darker tinted windows, a thief will choose the former simply because they can see inside the car and know that there is no one inside. In the event that the thief does try to break in, the security window films on the windows will make it much more difficult for the thief to get inside. If it takes more time than they expect, they are more likely to move on to an easier target. For these factors to work, make sure that your windows are fully closed while parked.

Parking Matters

When you park your vehicle, make sure that: 

  •  it is in a high traffic area, in terms of people and vehicles, around
  • choose a place where there is a lot of light and never leave your keys inside your cars even if you step out for a seemingly little duration
  •  around 50% of the vehicles stolen have had their keys left in the ignition by the driver
  • park in known places where there are parking attendants and as close to your destination as possible

When you leave your car with parking attendants, leave just the door key but keep the other keys such as the glove compartment key and the trunk key with you. This way you can rest assured that no one can change parts in your absence.

Turning the Wheels

While parking, the wheels of the car should be turned towards the curb as car thieves find it easy to tow the car away when the wheels are straight. Even in your own driveway, park the car with the wheels turned to the side and when you have a garage, take the extra step to park inside it even if you are going to take the car out shortly. You must also lock your garage and your car after parking it inside the garage (sounds silly, but hundreds of cars are taken from unlocked garages each year) .

No Valuables or Important Documents

When you park your car, take all important documents such as the registration and title papers with you.  If you must leave them inside the car, then keep an extra copy in your purse or wallet with you. Do not keep any valuables, money or jewels in the glove compartment.

Play the Part of a Careful Owner

Mark your battery, interior and upholstery of the car under the hood and in the trunk with the unique identification number of the car with a distinctive identifying factor that you can understand and outline to the authorities; something which cannot be easily removed and spotted. That way, even if the car gets stolen, it will be easier for the law to track.

Simple Tips That Go a Long Way

Keeping a few simple things in mind will help you keep your vehicle safe such as the following –

  • Always have the emergency brake on while parked
  • Keep the steering wheel locked
  • Never leave your car running and unattended even if your stop is just for a minute.

If you follow these simple steps more often than not, the risk of your car being broken into or stolen will be greatly reduced!

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