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September 5, 2015 6:59 pm

Reinforce Your Home or Office with Security Window Films

No matter how tall or how strong a building has been constructed, windows still happen to be one of the vulnerable spots. Glass windows are a special target for vandals who just want to do damage and/or enter the building illegally. Moreover, glass windows allow easy view of what is going on inside a building which further decreases its security. Most buildings come with security cameras and various other security measures, but few ever think of security window film, which is an inexpensive yet highly effective way to strengthen the windows.

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Family Safe After Security Film deterred thieves.

No more Fear of Flying Objects

Even if the windows do get broken, you will not encounter shards and broken pieces of glass which can cause a lot of physical harm to the people inside. The window film will mostly keep all the broken pieces stuck to it and so there will be no instances of flying glass pieces. Flying glass shards can hurt people working inside a building and can also ruin expensive equipment upon impact. You can make the window stronger by attaching two different types of safety window films which will present the glass with much-needed protection.

No more Peeping Toms

When you use darker window tinting, people from the outside will not be able to easily see inside. For a large part, low visibility will hinder or deter thieves from breaking in and entering the building as they will not know what they are going to encounter. Potential vandals usually will like to survey the building before they plan a break-in. Having dark tints for residential buildings will also provide the occupants privacy along with security. There are also frosted window films which can let in light but offer privacy at the same time.

No more Fragile Glass Windows

When any vandal is trying to enter the building, security window films will make it difficult for the person to do the job quickly. While the window film may not prevent actual breaking of the window, it will make it much more difficult and will take the burglar more time to cut through the reinforced glass. This will give the occupants extra time to call the police or leave the building. You can ask for the tear resistant extra strong window films and for the safety series which are designed to hold broken shards together, making breaking in by hand near impossible.

Jewellery shops and shops with expensive goods can have a great window display without worrying about thieves. Most window films also provide UV protection, so your display is protected from sun damage and excessive heat.

Is it for Me?

Yes, window films are for everyone who desires more security for their homes and offices. You can see it installed in the following places –

• Hospitals
• Educational institutions
• Commercial buildings
• Residential places
• Government organizations

No matter what kind of building you have, it is still a good idea to increase the security with the help of appropriate security window films.

For more on window security standards Refer to this PDF

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