The Many Advantages of Architectural Window Tinting

February 6, 2016 7:45 pm

There are many advantages of using architectural window tinting & films on your home or commercial building.

Solar Control Window Films

Whether you choose to use a window tint or invisible window film, solar control window films increase the window’s insulation capabilities by 92% and even controls & reduces the sun’s heat transfer by 82%. This adds up to huge energy saving!

On top of this, Solar Control Films reject 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays adding years of life to furnishings, fabrics, and products/ merchandise.
Energy Saving Window Films

Studies have shown that energy expenditures account for roughly 30% of operational costs for the average business and is often the largest single expense. The insulation properties provided by high-quality window films & window tinting drastically improves a buildings HVAC efficiency and can save you up to 15% per year on your heating & cooling bills!

Safety and Security Window Films

The world is an unpredictable place; anything can happen at any given moment. There are freak storms that can hurl objects through the windows of your store-front or home, bomb-blasts like we saw in Boston, vandalism, & burglary.

Films with security properties help protect you from occurrences such as these. If a vandal strikes your store with graffiti, the film is simply stripped away and the graffiti comes with it (at a fraction of the cost of window replacement).

The hi-tensile strength film will hold the glass together in the event of forced entry, making potential thieves have to work very hard to get in to your property, which discourages intruders. Your interior will be better protected from the elements in the event of a storm or even a bomb-blast.

Not only does the US Constitution, Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, and dozens of embassies world-wide use security films on their windows, but Llumar is trusted by thousands of small business & home owners.

Get more information on window tinting & window films at Guardian Security Films News

Utility Rebates and Tax Credits

There are tax credits and rebates available to both businesses and home owners. Each state differs, but most offer rebates for energy efficiency and renewables. Home owners can receive tax credits up to $500 Get tax credit info here – Window Film Tax Credit

Learn the incentives that are available in your area by visiting DSIREUSA.

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