The Power Bill: Innovated Ways To Save Money

August 29, 2015 2:48 pm

Winter can be a magical time of year where there is snow all around, and at the same time it can be harsh by lowering the temperature till you feel like a snowball even when you are indoors. When you apply a few innovative improvisations around your house, you can enjoy a warm winter at a very low cost.

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Save On The Heating Bill

Solar Window Films

It might be winter, but it is still a good time to install solar window film for your windows. Just as the films keep the heat out during summer, it can keep the heat locked in during winter. So you can turn down your heaters as the window film acts as insulation and improves heat efficiency by 90%. There is a wide range being offered in the market and you have to check whether the performance level of the window film matches with your requirements. There are several grades depending upon your location and the desired rate of heat you want to conserve.

Concentrate on Those Windows

To improve window insulation efficiency, you can hang insulated curtains in addition to the solar window films. You can keep the curtains drawn back on sunny days to let in the heat and keep them closed at night to hold all that heat in. Sometimes the weather stripping around windows might be worn out and allow heat to escape. Check all the windows and doors to ensure maximum heat efficiency in your home and change the weather stripping if need be.

Reversing the Ceiling Fans

In summer, ceiling fans keep us cool by spinning in a counter clockwise direction which pushes the cool air downwards. In winter, you can reverse the direction of the spin so that the clockwise movements will suck the cold air upwards and thereby move the hotter air downwards. However, the speed of the fan must be at a minimum for optimal results.

Using a Fireplace

While the idea of sitting in front of a fireplace might sound cozy, how many of us actually use one? If you are like the rest of us who just want the picture postcard look of a fireplace and never really use it, then you can always seal it shut. If you do use it occasionally, then make sure that the damper is always closed when not in use. The chimney acts like an open window and lets the hot air from the house escape while giving a free access for the outside cold air into the house. So it is vital that the damper is in good working condition and does its job properly.

Lowering the Thermostat

When the thermostat is lowered from 70°F to 60°F, you can save around 30% on heating bills each month (rule of thumb is you save near 3% per for each Fahrenheit degree lower) . You can easily go with that temperature, especially when you are tucked in bed. The lower temperature will also help you burn around 100 calories daily. So when you are lowering that thermostat, pat yourself on the back for making a healthy choice.

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