The Future of Window Tinting

January 25, 2016 1:47 am

Intelligent Automotive, Commercial, & Residential Window Glass could change the face of window tinting in the near future –at least for those who have the dough.

It might not be too long before we see Smart-Glass in cars. This technology has been around for a while for home and commercial use, but hasn’t quite been perfected, two-way visibility-wise for automotive use.

We could see this technology used in more cars for on-demand window tinting very soon and we are already seeing it here and there with the use of electronic window films. The whole idea behind it is pretty awesome, when it is sunny and warm, at the click of a button you can keep your car cooler and your eyes protected from the sun’s brilliance. But the biggest problem for the time-being seems to be the fact that both the smart window tinting films and the electronic tint glass is near equally opaque from the inside as it is on the outside. In other words, it is still not practical while driving, only while parked.

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The applications for residential and commercial privacy glass are another matter. To be able to control the privacy levels on say, your bathroom windows or interior office windows during meetings is very convenient. However for those of us that have a normal person budget, these wifi and electronically controlled window tinting solutions maybe slightly out of reach, at least for the time being, until the technology is more common and there are enough competitors to push the market prices down.In other words, it all comes down to cost.

For most people, the standard, high-quality window films from the likes of Llumar and 3M will still be the viable option in their homes for the next few years to come. But because these window films are known for their ability to reduce operational costs for businesses, we could see an upswing in the commercial market, if it can deem it economically justifiable.

As far as automotive window tinting, I don’t see either the electronic glass or electronically adjustable window film catching on just yet. There are very few manufacturers (none of them really trusted for quality & longevity) and we have only seen one example where you can actually see through the tinting from the inside effectively. This makes it a non-viable option for the pragmatic person for the time being. The other issue we see is the fact that most of these auto-tinting window films and glass, change to an opaque grey or silver only. We have yet to see the attractive shades of black which many people prefer for their cars.

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