Protect Your Family From Carjackings

October 9, 2015 8:10 am

Carjackings Have Been on the Rise Again

It’s a scary thought, pulling up to a stop sign with your family in the vehicle, when suddenly the driver-side window explodes, showering glass shards into the faces of husband, wife, and children. It happens so fast, literally 3 seconds … suddenly the same rock that crashed the window collides with the side of your head. You feel the brief, intense pain of crushed bones; the world fades to red as you lose consciousness. If you are one of the lucky ones, you wake up in the hospital with your family by your bedside …

Protect yourself, your family and your ride with the best automotive security window tinting in Myrtle Beach ~

The Facts

Recent overall carjacking statistics are unavailable, but from the years 1993 to 2002 there were an average of 38,000 carjackings per year, some of those years were estimated to top out at 49,000.  Even scarier is the fact that 74% of carjacking victims faced an armed offender and 32% of the victims involved in completed carjackings were injured! Urban and sub-urban areas were the hardest hit with roughly 63% of these crimes happened within 5 miles of the victim’s home and 17% occurring at or very near the home. Maybe you don’t have a family, and these real life, FBI statistics are not enough to catch your attention. There is always the simple fact that 699,594 cars were stolen in 2013 alone … personal property loss sucks and CAN definitely happen to you.

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Safe, Secure, and Looking Good

Automotive Security Window Films Could Save Your Life

Now let’s go over the same scenario, but in a car with professionally installed security films on the windows. You pull up to a stop sign and suddenly there is an explosive bang of something crashing into your window. It hits so hard that it startles everyone and shakes your car. You look left to see a large man winding up with something heavy looking in his hand … it could be a brick or maybe a rock. Before you can react he throws the object with all of his might. It crashes into the window with another explosive thud, but again bounces off the reinforced window, falling harmlessly to the ground. Your brain catches up with the shock of the situation and you realize now that someone is attempting to steal your car with zero regards for your safety or the fact that you’re still in it. You’re foot mashes down on the gas pedals and your family is out of harm’s way. They kids are crying and your wife is in tears, but they are safe … and it was just 3 seconds.

To Tell a Tale …

Something as simple as security window tinting on your vehicle could make the difference between a police report and a scary story to tell your friends, or a gruesome story told by your friends with someone making a police report on your behalf.

You could just do a clear automotive security film, but the great thing is, making your car more secure is actually a visual upgrade as well. There are varying grades of darkness to window tinting, so you can get just the right shade for you and make your ride look cleaner, more modern, and sleek.


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