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November 3, 2015 7:27 am

You can take your home or office to the next level by enhancing the comfort levels due to improving the personalization of your space.
Not only are there window films and window tinting (which most of us have heard of) that area meant for helping with energy savings and reducing solar damage to the interior of your home, but there are many beautiful styles of decorative window films that you can utilize to customize your home or workspace to really make it your own space.

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Beautiful Rain Glass Illusion

Economical Designs With Window Films

This method of home improvement/office improvement is much quicker and more affordable than purchasing and installing custom glassworks. Etched glass runs upwards of $125 per square foot. With Architecturally Recommended Decorative Window Films from Llumar, you have well over 50 pattern options like etched glass, sandblasted, stained, frosted, grass print, pinstripes, squares, dots, wood grain, whiteout, blackout, etc. for a mere fraction of the cost.

The diversity in colors and patterns are a great way to tie rooms together or uniquely distinguish different departments, the lobby, conference rooms, partitions and exterior window surfaces on an entire office floor while still maintaining an overall desired theme.

Setting custom glass throughout an entire office would run thousands and thousands of dollars, but you can contact your local window film installation specialist, such as Guardian Security Films and get the job done for pennies on the dollar -multiples of hundreds instead of multiples of thousands -in comparison to placing new glass.

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Perception is everything and decorative window films give a striking, life-like illusion of custom glasswork and can kill two birds with one stone (so to speak). Not only can you create the exact space that you want, so that your home or office is your style, you also strengthen the glass from breaking and can proctect your interior from solar damage all at once (when used to decorate the exterior windows).


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