Decorative Window Film Ideas for Home and Office

October 25, 2015 4:16 am

Guardian Security Films is back to present a few ideas to spruce up home with decorative window films.

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Etched Lace or Leaf Window Films

decorative window tinting, decorative window films, myrtle beach window tinting, myrtle beach window films, window filmsThere are many different lace and leaf window film patterns, and they go particularly well in the bathroom windows. Bathroom windows tend to be smaller, so they are less of a security risk. However, who wants the neighbors to be abe to see you while disrobing? There are some great frosted patterns that look beautiful and will take care of this problem by letting light in but being opaque enough that no one can see through.

Iceberg Decorative Window Films

These kinds of privacy patterns look wonderful in kitchen areas and on glass doors. We tend to think they look the best when done on the lower half of the window, which is perfect for breaking the eye line of nosey neighbors.

Llumar’s Elegant Frost (cover photo)

Elegant Frost, creates a beautiful, classy effect for interior or exterior office windows or for the full-length front windows found in many modern homes. The ‘frost’ is opaque but still lets in 90% of the natural light, giving you your privacy while not impeding your view with an eye-sore of a window.

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