Protect Your Home From Holiday Break-ins

September 23, 2015 1:24 am

Each holiday season has something in common that we don’t often consider: burglary.

Thieves know that there are hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of brand new goodies just laying around on living room floors throughout most neighborhoods; and the increased temptation leads to significantly higher amounts of break-ins. So, what are some cost effective ways to protect ourselves?

Security Window Films

Arguably the most common way that criminals get into a victim’s home, is through the windows. This is because structurally, the windows are the weakest, most vulnerable part of your home’s exterior. You can remedy this by purchasing security windows and having them installed, but this can get pretty expensive. A much more cost effective solution is high quality security window films such as Llumar or 3m. These films keep the glass from breaking easily by increasing the tensile strength of the window, and then keeping the pieces of window together, still intact as a whole when it finally does break, slowing the criminal down from being able to create an opening big enough to utilize for entry. A high quality film (not shown in the video above) can be as good as laminated security windows but at a mere fraction of the cost.

Reinforced Doorways

As stated in the video above, the second highest point of criminal entry to your home would be through the doors. Simply switching out to more stout ‘security plates’ in the door-jams and a better deadbolt can significantly decrease the ability for criminals to kick you door in and enter your home.

Increased Property Lighting

Adding security lights is another cost effective way to deter thieves and violent criminals from choosing your home as a potential target. If the areas close to the windows and doors of your home are well lit, making it easy for neighbors and passerbys to observe the happenings on your property, the criminals will likely take a pass on your house and choose another location where they feel less exposed. When adding lighting, be sure not to neglect the back and side-yards, as just illuminating the front may not be enough to deter a burglar.

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